Concert raises fund for Vietnamese children with autism

A concert marking the World Autism Awareness Day (on April 2) will take place at the Vietnam National Academy of Music on April 6.

The performance titled “Art of love” is the third concert celebrating the day, aiming at raising fund for Vietnamese children with autism to be integrated into the society and offering 10 musical scholarships to ten young talents with autism. They will have an opportunity to further explore the world of arts.

The first and second concert, including “Return” and “Day for you” were organized on March 31 and April 2 respectively.

The concert’s organizer, violist Nguyen Nguyet Thu, mother of a child with autism; pianist Nguyen The Vinh; Russian violinist Stepan Yakovich and the famous French conductor Olivier Ochanine has performed in the show.

Violist Nguyen Nguyet Thu has lived and worked abroad for 26 years. She’s currently based in Vietnam but still performs abroad. She has won many international awards, performed solo in many countries and played viola in 7 orchestras in Russia, Sweden, Spain, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Brazil, Qatar, etc. She has opened 5 art schools to find autism talents in Vietnam. These concerts aim to raise the fund for children with autism.

Pianist Nguyen The Vinh won international concours contests since 9 years old. His autism syndrome has improved thanks to his professional music practice.

Stepan Yakovich is a legendary leading violist in orchestras. He is also the teacher of Nguyen Nguyet Thu. The famous soloist has performed around the world.

Conductor Olivier Ochanine is founder of the Filipino orchestra and performed in many countries around the world. He has been conductor of many orchestras in the world such as Germany, Hungary, China and more.

By Kim Khanh

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