Disabled Children's Paintings on Exhibition

An exhibition of paintings and handicrafts drawn and made by disabled children is taking place at the Ho Chi Minh City Exhibition Hall from December 10 to 15.

Paintings and handicrafts made by disabled children of Thanh Dat Open House.( Photo Y.Ch)

The exhibition, organized by Thanh Dat Open House at 92 Le Thanh Ton Street - District 1, displays over 100 paintings and paper fans painted in linseed oil and watercolor, 60 dolls, backpacks and over 350 small flowerpots.
Thanh Dat Open House is home to 30 disabled, blind, retarded or homeless children. The House raises and provides them with vocational training that has helped many children find jobs and settle their lives.

By L.T.B. – Translated by Yen Chuong

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