Nhu Phong-a journalist, writer and filmmaker

Nhu Phong is not only a writer but also a filmmaker, having produced a series for Television.

He has just completed a film script titled ‘Chay An 3’ in 42 series that will be aired by ANTV channel. The main content of the film - the fight against corruption is currently a hot issue in recent years.

On April 10, his film ‘Golden Triangle’ in 38 series will be aired on VTV 1 channel. This film has attracted public attention because the film tells about how Vietnam police break a huge transnational drug trafficking network.

Though Nhu Phong is busy in his job as journalist, he finds time to write film scripts. Currently he is working on a drama script titled ‘Hong Nhan’. More interestingly, the writer will play the role in the film.

By Nhu Hoa – Translated by Huyen Huong

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