US Family Repatriates Ho Chi Minh’s Embroidered Picture

On May 13, Ms. Jane Coyle, the granddaughter of the late US colonel Stephen L.Nordlinger , handed an embroidered picture received years ago from President Ho Chi Minh over to Viet Nam, a meaningful gift on the president’s 116th birthday anniversary on May 19.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ms. Jane Coyle said, "President Ho Chi Minh and my grandfather were destined to be friends and comrades. After a long time of separation due to wars, this picture was repatriated in the spirit of peace and friendship."

Colonel Stephen L.Nordlinger headed the American social aid unit in Ha Noi before 1945.

Early October, 1945, he met President Ho Chi Minh and was presented with the embroidered picture before returning to the US.

Over the past 60 years, the picture has been meticulously preserved by Colonel Nordlinger’s family, aiming at displaying the American family’s great respect and admiration for President Ho Chi Minh and the nation of Viet Nam.

Source: TN – Translated by Trong Khuong

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