Xa Loi Pagoda Conferred Cultural Heritage Certificate

Xa Loi pagoda (89 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, District 3) held a ceremony to receive the City-grade Historic-Cultural Heritage Certificate on April 12. Mr Tran Trung Tin, Vice-president of the municipal Fatherland Front Committee granted the certificate to the representative of the Pagoda's managing committee, the retired scholar Tong Ho Cam and Tang Quang.

The retired scholar Tong Ho Cam receives the certificate (Photo: Uyen Phuong)

Attending the ceremony were Tran Trung Tin, Vice-president of the municipal Fatherland Front Committee, Nguyen Ngoc San, head of Provincial Religion Committee, monks from the other pagodas and many Buddhist followers.

The Xa Loi pagoda was built on August 5, 1956 on a 2,500 square meter plot of land and designed by two architects Tran Van Duong and Do Ba Vinh. The construction was directed by two engineers Du Ngoc Anh and Ho To Thuan and finished on May 2, 1958.

Cultural exhibits kept in the pagoda include bones of Great Buddha in golden tower, scripts of prayers in the Sanscrit language on a 1,000-year-old leaf, a tree given by a prince, son of the King Asoka of Sri Lanka on his visit, an old Buddhist statue, a seven-floor bell-tower with the height of 32 meters, holding a big bell of two tons, a horizontal lacquered board in brocade with four writings of the empress Tzu His (or Cixi) with her seal. It is not only a historic and cultural site but a pride of Viet Nam’s Buddhism as well.

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Reported by Uyen Phuong

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