Cultural activities celebrating national holidays in Hanoi

The capital is being festively decorated for the holiday weekend and bustling with fun activities for the whole family.

The national concert ‘Dieu Con Mai’ (Things Everlasting) 2016

The national concert ‘Dieu Con Mai’ (Things Everlasting) 2016

A special concert titled "Rang ro Viet Nam" (Radiant Vietnam) will be held at Hanoi Opera House on September 1 to mark 72 years of building and developing the country, and 30 years of renewal and integration. People’s Artists Quang Tho, Thu Hien; Meritorious Artists Viet Hoan and Dang Duong; together with singers Trong Tan, Anh Tho and Khanh Linh will join the performance.
The national concert ‘Dieu Con Mai’ (Things Everlasting) 2017 will once again be brought to the stage at 2pm on September 2 at the Hanoi Opera House.
This year’s event will feature the participation of popular artists, such as People’s Artists Ngo Hong Quan, Tran Thi Mo; Meritorious Artist Bui Le Chi and singers Trong Tan, Dang Duong, Dao To Loan who will present to music lovers popular revolutionary songs.
Launched in 2009, the concert has been held annually on National Day, September 2 to promote the spirit of national pride and the love for country and people.
In addition, a concert to mark the 8th Vietnam Music Day will be also held at Hanoi Opera House on September 3. The music show themed Nang thu (Autumn sunshine) features masterpieces of famous composers, including Van Cao , Do Nhuan, Nguyen Dinh Thi, Nguyen Van Ty, Hoang Van, Chu Minh, Hoang Duong, Ho Bac and Do Hong Quan.
Meanwhile the Culture Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups will organize a wide ranges of traditional sport and cultural activities from September 1-3.

By staff writers – Translated by Kim Khanh

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