Cultural Weeks in Viet Nam and Laos to Strengthen Ties

The Lao Cultural Week in Viet Nam and the Vietnamese Cultural Week in Laos will start simultaneously on July 15 to celebrate 45 years of Viet Nam – Laos diplomatic relations and 30 years of the signing of the Vietnam – Laos Friendship Treaty.

A thread tighting ceremony ( traditional Lao ceremony )  represents the ties beween Viet Nam and Laos (Photo:TK)

Lao Cultural Week in Viet Nam has two main events, an exhibition entitled “Lao Cultural Space” and an exhibition of works by outstanding Laotian artists, both of which will be on display at the Vietnam Culture and Arts Exhibition Center.

The “Lao Cultural Space” exhibition has three main parts, Lao handicrafts, 170 photos of Lao people, scenery and traditional ties between Viet Nam and Laos, as well as an art and book exhibition depicting Vietnam - Laos relations.

Vietnamese Cultural Week held in Vientiane, Laos is also expected to be full of exciting activities. One of the main events will be an exhibition called “Vietnamese Cultural Space”, which aims to introduce Viet Nam’s scenery through miniature models of the Vietnamese village gate, Khue Van Cac Pavilion and other articles of typical Vietnamese scenery. A singing and dancing show will also take place in Vientiane with the participation of 40 Vietnamese artists.

To mark the celebrations, an art exchange event will be broadcast live from the Lao Cultural Palace and the Ha Noi Theatre on July 17.

Vietnamese and Lao Ministries of Culture and Information and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs are responsible for the organization of the event, which is due to take place from July 15 to the 21. 


By V.X – Translated by Khanh Hong

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