Dak Lak pays tribute to elephant hunters

The Central Highlands province of Dak Lak December 19 paid homage to the practice of elephant hunting by local ethnic people in Krong Ana Commune, Buon Don District.

A performance of hunting elephants during Dak Lak Province’s tourism and culture week December 16-20 (Photo: SGGP)

The event was part of the Buon Ma Thuot-Dak Lak Culture and Tourism Week, hosted by the province from December 16-20.

Tourists and locals watched December 19 as 31 hunters rode 15 tamed elephants to catch a wild elephant.

The father of elephant hunting is N’Thu K’Nul from Laos, who was born in 1928.

He was also the founder of Ban Don, a famous area of Buon Don District with a long tradition of hunting and taming elephants.

He captured hundreds of elephants including a rare white elephant, which he presented to Thai royalty in 1861.

The King of Thailand at the time conferred him the title of “Khunjunob,” meaning “elephant hunting king.”

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By C.Hoan – Translated by Hong Ha

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