Danish choir to perform in Hanoi

The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir of Denmark will perform at the Hanoi Opera House on May 11.

The Danish Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, founded in 1924, will bring Europe classical music to Vietnam on May 11 (Photo: Courtesy of Danish Embassy)
Brought here by the Danish embassy and Vietnam National Academy of Music, the 45 members of the choir will start with a Danish evening song about peace reigning in country and a town called “Evening” (the work of a new Danish composer Niels La Cour) as an engaging and intimate introduction to the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir.
That will be followed by “Trong Com,” a Vietnamese folk song.
Their main repertoire will include Scandinavian songs and folk tunes sung in spring and summer and pieces developed by Denmark’s most famous composers like Carl Nielsen and Niels W.Gade.
They will go on to a famous piece by maestro Joseph Haydn (dedicated to the memory of the bicentennial of the death of Haydn) and “Zadok the Priest,” a piece for choir and full orchestra composed in 1728 by the great German musician Georg Frideric Handel.
Speaking about the choir and its upcoming performance in Hanoi, Danish envoy Peter Lysholt Hansen said: “Among some of the oldest European Musical traditions are the Cathedral choirs and their choir schools. It is our pleasure to present one of the finest representatives of this tradition to Vietnamese audiences.”
Conductor Ebbe Munk said: “From a broader perspective, I think classical music is definitely a part of cultural heritage and it also needs protection. The Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower in Paris, or Hoi An in Vietnam, for example -- each of those depict cultural uniqueness of each country and its people, but are a heritage of all humans. It should be the same for classical music and choir tradition.”
Mr Munk added: “Each and every one of us should make an effort to promote the classical music tradition; otherwise, it will disappear in future.”

By Truong Son

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