Designer Si Hoang’s performance promotes Vietnamese traditional cultural values

The program Diem Mot Thoi (One-Time Point) promoting Vietnamese traditional cultural values by designer/master of Ao Dai, Si Hoang has returned in January in Ho Chi Minh City after a 10-year halt.

The two-hour long program features performances of folk music, including chau van, hat xam, don ca tai tu (Southern amateur music) and Hue royal music; Ao dai fashion show as well as reviving traditional cotryside market.

The show also aims to give an opportunity to Vietnamese and foreign visitors to learn about the Vietnamese culture while tasting Vietnamese teas, enjoying fashion shows, the beauty of Ao dai and traditional folk music.

Diem Mot Thoi (One-Time Point) will take place every night at Ao dai Exhibition at No.77 Nguyen Hue Street in District 1.

Fashion designer Si Hoang is known as a master of Ao Dai, scored fully satisfactory successes with the Vietnamese traditional dress. He is a prestigious and famous Ao dai brand name to people at home and abroad.

By Nhu Hoa – Translated by Kim Khanh

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