Doll Exhibition Opens in Equatorial Hotel

Consul General of the Republic of Poland gave dolls to organizing board.

The doll exhibition opens in Equatorial Hotel on May 20 and lasts three days from May 20-22. In the exhibition, traditional dolls of more than 20 countries are displayed.

Mr. Prezemyslaw M.Jenke, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, donated five Polish traditional dolls to the organizing board of “Doll’s House” program on May 19.

He said that the program is of great significance and brings the joy to disadvantaged children. “We have only five dolls to hand over to the program. They are Polish traditional dolls with unique clothes of localities in Poland”, he said.

Representative of The Royal Thai Consulate General also gave two Thai traditional dolls on May 18. According to the organizing board, three consulates of Poland, Thailand and China donated traditional dolls to the program.

Besides the traditional dolls handed over by the consulates, Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations has lent the organizing board the traditional doll collections of Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Mongolia, etc to display in the exhibition.

In addition, Phuong Nga Company also displayed traditional dolls of eight countries of Egypt, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Denmark, Portugal, China and Viet Nam with the settings of each country.

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By C.D – Translated by Kim Khanh

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