Dong Son Drum Found by Chance

A resident of the northern province of Ha Tay unearthed an ancient drum when he was building his house, an official of the local Department of Culture and Information said Monday.

A type of Dong Son drum

Experts from the Viet Nam History Museum tested the drum and came to conclusion that the 2000-year-old drum belongs to Dong Son Civilization.

The drum is 67cm in diameter and 188 cm in circumference. On the drum is the six-pointed sun with six hems of uniquely patterned flowers outside.

Also the body and foot of the drum are carved with sophisticated patterns of flowers.

Director of the museum Dang Van Tu said that the discovery of the drum there further proves the long-standing residence of ancient Vietnamese in this land.

The artifact is displayed in Ha Tay museum.

By Van Phuc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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