European Cultural Days in Ho Chi Minh City

"The Beat That My Heart Skipped" film will be presented in European Film Festival 2006
Cultural activities of the “European Cultural Days”  in Ho Chi Minh City were announced in the press conference on May 5, 2006. The program is organized by the Delegation of the European Commission, embassies of the European Union Members and the European Cultural Institute.

The “European Cultural Days” will take place in May with interesting cultural activities, such as “European Film Festival 2006”, presenting 12 European excellent films; the ballet performance themed “The Fairy” to be performed by Vietnamese dancers and choreographed by Jean-Paul Comelin, one of French famous dancers of the 21st century; French Rock Musical Program and Spanish Musical Program.
Besides, there is a discussion about Vietnamese and European cultural experience and art exhibition.

It is the third time that the “European Cultural Days” has been organized in Viet Nam. The events always ended in success.

By H.G – Translated by Kim Khanh

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