Exhibition of artist’s book opens in Hanoi

An exhibition of artist’s book and zine opened at Nha San Collective’s new space in Ha Noi from November 13-30.

The event themed “Ke” telling about an ignoring attitude and abandonment among youth in Vietnam who are towards what is called foundation and traditional. This attitude is often criticized as irresponsibility but at the same time it reflects a readiness of shift-making among young people in Vietnam.

The exhibition features artworks in form of publication or book form. Although artist’s book has been a major pillar among movements of contemporary art, it is lesser known in Vietnam due to the lack of information on international art movements and the restriction of independent publishing in the country.

The show hopes to bring the work to Vietnamese audience to show them how artists – artwork – and audience can interact with one another in a non-traditional way, when the artwork could be in the hands of the audience and not in a traditional display method.

The display is part of the Vietnam Artist's Book Project (VABP) under the Noi Project in order to connect Vietnamese creative talents, uniting writers, poets, visual artists, sound artists, researchers, and any creative person to ambitiously create a new movement of creativity in Vietnam. VABP promotes works by Vietnamese artists who make artist's books and artworks in "publication" forms.

The event attract local and foreign artists , such as Art Labor, Xem Magazine, Saigon Artbook, Ajar, Temporary Services/Half Letter Press from the U.S, Math Paper Press from Singapore, and Green Papaya from the Philipinines.

By Kim Khanh

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