Exhibition on 40 Years of German Video Art in Hanoi

A retrospective exhibition of 40 years of Video Art in Germany is currently on at the Goethe-Institute in Hanoi until October 2.

The exhibition introduces to viewers 43 selected videos presenting exemplary insight into a 40 year history of German video art.

Video art first appeared in the 60’s in the US and Germany and soon become one of the most influential genres of arts of the 20th Century. With the never ending face of new technology, video art has developed in some ways or even changed or disappeared in many of its aspects – on TV screens to computer monitors, video cassettes to software programs and hard drives. Thus, the survival of video art is dependent on a never-ending process of adaptation to new technological standards.

The retrospect, “40 Years of Video Art in Germany” has been a combined effort of five big museums of Germany under the curative guidance of Karlsruhe ZKM (Center for Art and Media Technology), which helped in gathering data from archives, digitalizing, preserving and presenting the video art works.

In related news, German video artist and professor of media arts, Rotraut Pape and the French video artist and curator Gerard Couty jointly held a workshop on video art in Hanoi on September 25.

By Kim Khanh

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