Exhibition on trade relation between Japan, Vietnam to open in Hue

An exhibition on ““Trade Relation between Japan and Vietnam in History” celebrating the Emperor and Empress of Japan on their visit to Hue at the beginning of March will be open at Hue Royal Antiquities Museum in Hue City on February 27.

In history, the trade relation between Japan and Vietnam had been established and developed since the late of XVIth century, especially in the period of the Shuin-sen trade (Japanese ship-licensed trade). In this period, Japanese merchant ships were granted Shuin-jo (Commercial license for merchant ships) by Shogunate government of Japan to go abroad for doing business. They imported minerals into Vietnam (former Dai Viet) and bought pottery, frankincense, silk and agricultural products from Dai Viet to transport to Japan.

The exhibition will introduce antiquities reflecting the close relation between Japan and Vietnam in trading between the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The event that is held with the support of Vietnam National Museum of History for the loan of some exhibits will run until March 5.

By Kim Khanh

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