Exhibition presents German inventions

An Interactive exhibition titled “Inventions from Germany” demonstrating groundbreaking German inventions across scientific disciplines opened at Hanoi Polytechnic University on March 2.

Computer, telephone, television, x-ray technology or the automobile are groundbreaking German inventions.

The interactive exhibition provides a unique insight into both numerous momentous historical discoveries and trendsetting innovations from Germany – the land of inventors.

Intriguing quotes by famous personalities serve as an introduction to the seven themed areas Computer Science, Energy, Mobility, Communication, Medicine, Optics and Material. Each category includes five to six exhibits that are each explained on an image or text panel, with pictures to illustrate.

Exhibits, games, videos and experiments provide an insight into historical discoveries and pioneering innovations from Germany.

The event will run until March 10 and then be organized at IDECAF in Ho Chi Minh City from March 17-24.

By Kim Khanh

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