Famous Japanese Singer Chooses Ao Dai As a Main Clothes for Her 2007 Calendar

Famous Japanese singer Anna Saeki came to Ho Chi Minh City on May 24 to take photographs with Ao Dai for a 2007 calendar. Besides, she wants to introduce her new image and celebrate 20 years of singing. Photographers Hai Dong was chosen to carry out the series of photos.

Anna Saeki was well-known for the romantic tango. After a long period focusing on her career in Europe and America, Anna has started her assault on Asia with Negau album which was released in December 2005. The album consists of songs of Asian countries, such as China, Thailand, Philippines, Viet Nam, etc.

Anna said that she sampled many different traditional clothes for photo collection of the album. At last she was really confident with Ao Dai, a Vietnamese traditional dress.

Anna contacted a Vietnamese tailor in Tokyo to ask for the information about Ao Dai and chose Ao Dai as her main outfits of the photo collection in Negau.

During her promotion of Negau album in Japan and Europe, Diem Xua, a famous song of well-known Vietnamese musician Trinh Cong Son, and Ao Dai received a lot of praises.

Anna also decided to choose Ao Dai for her shows in 2007. She hoped that she will organize a live show in Viet Nam in coming time. 

Source TT – Translated by Kim Khanh

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