First Reality Show to Debut in Viet Nam

Viet Nam will have its first reality show debut next month under the title, “Hey! Let Me In Your House” on Hanoi TV channels.

Ngo Quang Vinh, the main host of the show

The TV show, originating from the famous reality program “That’s My Stuff” of Sony Pictures, is organized by Hanoi TV and the Le Media Joint Stock Company.

The recording will take place right inside the player’s house with cameras, equipment, host and audience. Viewers will experience many twists and turns during each 30-minute episode, each comprising four parts.

A camera crew will suddenly pop up in front of a house, asking the owner if he or she wants to join the game. The chosen person will be totally surprised with the unexpected intrusion and their reactions, ranging from annoyance to excitement, will be caught on film. He or she can choose to accept or refuse the offer to take part in the game.

The player in each episode is asked to bring out their household items like couches, TVs, CD players and the like for the game.

The player is then asked some questions on various topics. Each time he or she fails to get the right answer, the player’s stuff will be taken. However, for every correct answer, the player will receive a better, more expensive item.

Families interested in joining the game can send applications to the Department of Sports and Entertainment of Hanoi TV (5 Huynh Thuc Khang St, Ha Noi) or to the program’s website.

Catch the show at 8:00pm every Thursday.


By Khanh Hong

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