Free screenings for students held in city

Free screenings for students will be held at universities, colleges and schools in Ho Chi Minh City from November 27-December 30.

A scene in the film Nhung nguoi viet huyen thoai (The legendary makers)

They will have a chance to enjoy movies, including Nhung nguoi viet huyen thoai (The legendary makers) of Vietnam Feature Film Studio,  “Dung dot” (Don't burn) directed by Dang Nhat Minh, Song Cung Lich Su (Living with History) by director Nguyen Thanh Van, Mui Co Chay (smell of burning grass) by director Huu Muoi, Thau Chin o Xiem” (Thau Chin in Thailand) by directo Bui Tuan Dung, and Chang trai nam ay ( The Long Gone Boy) directed by Bui Quang Huy.

Of these, the Legend Makers directed by Bui Tuan Dung won the golden lotus prize at the 18th Vietnam Film Festival in 2013.

Mui Co Chay (smell of burning grass) received the best film prize at Kite Awards 2011.

Don’t Burn won Audience Award in Japan’s Fukuoka Film Festival in 2009. The film won three awards in Vietnam Film Festival 2009 with Golden Lotus for Best Picture, Award for Best Screenwriter and Media Award for Best Film. It also received the Golden Kite for the best picture in 2009 by the Vietnam’s Association of Movies Art

The films honor glorious history and combats, promote patriotism and national pride in building the revolutionary armed forces and the whole-people defense in the new period.

The program is organized by the Youth Film Studio aiming at creating a playing field for students and raise young people’s love for the country.


By Thanh Son – Translated by Kim Khanh

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