French artist presents artworks in Hanoi

An exhibition featuring artworks by Lolo Zazar, a famous French artist, will open in Hanoi on September 12.

The display will be divided into three parts, including ‘When Metal Dreams’ on the mezzanine floor, ‘Rencontres’ on the 3rd Floor and ‘B-Tong’ on the 4th Floor at 88 Lounge  on Xuan Dieu Street in Tay Ho District and will run until October 12.

Each floor will hold a variant atmosphere with a different collection of artworks.

‘When Metal Dreams’ is a fusion between stainless steel and elements of light. Stainless steel can withstand the work of time while reflecting the materials and light, introducing us into a new world.

‘Rencontres’ presents a collection of stainless steel sculptures and traditional Vietnamese lacquer.

Meanwhile KH CAT B TONG means drill and cut concrete. Advertising of small businesses offering their demolishment and construction service have been found on walls and trees anywhere in alleys and side streets in the country. The traces on the walls are magical prints, footprints of men and women, nature and its elements such as wind, fire, water, and sun.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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