From Blogger to Published Author

For bloggers, becoming an author is no longer something out of reach as many of their fellows have begun to have their blogs published and become big hits with the readers.

"New York Love Stories" and "Black Snow", two books written by bloggers

Vietnamese readers were introduced to the work of bloggers through the two big hits from China, “Sorry, I’m just a hooker” and “Tru Tien”.

Most bloggers are well aware that the most decisive factor in a blog’s success is the number of viewers. As word travels fast, most bloggers can gain more publicity by adding something unique and interesting and thus increase their chances of catching a publisher’s eye.

The first Vietnamese blogger ever published was Vu Thu Ha, alias Ha Kin, with her “New York Love Stories” blog. According to many critics, the book’s success not only lies in it presentation (it is written in a mix of Vietnamese and English) but also in its unique storyline and controversial content.

Another example of a successful blogger-author in Viet Nam is Joseph Ruelle, a Canadian student who has been living in Ha Noi for two years.

With a special fondness for the city, Joe began to write some short stories about his ordinary life in Viet Nam and posting them on his blog. Joe’s charming and witty writing style soon attracted over 1.5 million of viewers and caught the attention of Kim Dong Publishing House.

In June last year, Kim Dong released the 150-page book titled “I Am Dau” with 50 short stories about Ha Noi.

Joe’s excellent use of Vietnamese is revealed in his choice of the book’s title. “Dau” is a Vietnamese word but coincidentally sounds like “Joe”. With the exceptional talent of “the juggler of language”, as Joe is called, and his witty humor, the book gained immediate success and became a best-seller.

Not all bloggers’ works are perfect in content and presentation, but their appearance is like a fresh breeze blowing through modern Vietnamese literature, one critic said.

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By Tan Tuong – Compiled by Khanh Hong

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