German Film Festival 2016 to be held in five cities

The 7th German Film Festival in Vietnam will be held in Hanoi, Hai Phong,Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City from September 8 -25.

A scene in the film “Fortune favors the brave”

The festival will be chance for Vietnamese movie lovers to experience great cinema and discover Germany from a new perspective via the silver screen, presenting to audiences movies about traditional rituals, cultural differences, and identity, current and historical issues.

This year's festival will offer audiences a selection of the newest and most successful German films, including One breath, Fortune favors the brave, Tour de force, Head full of honey, Macho man, Offline-Are you ready for the next level, Rico, Oskar and the deeper shadows, Victoria.

Whether drama, thriller, comedy or children’s movie – the film festival offers the audience a versatile programme for all ages and the chance to get an in-depth view into the German film scene. Eight films by renowned directors and famous actors deal with the great issues of human coexistence:  love and pain, courage and fear, happiness and loss. Accompany our protagonists on the adventures of their lives, after which nothing remains the same as before.

As a special guest, director, scriptwriter and producerNorbert Lechner who will present his film “Fortune Favors the Brave” in Hanoi and HCMC will be available to answer questions from the audience. With a lot of humour and adventurous spirit, his new film tells the story of an unusual friendship between the Vietnamese sisters Linh and Tien and the 11-year-old Pauline

By Kim Khanh

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