German jazz-Michael Schiefel performs in Hanoi

German jazz star, Michael Schiefel will give a performance at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi on May 21.

He will present songs from his album “My home is my tent”. His idiosyncratic songs show him as a visionary thinker who does not submit to normal structures but is constantly breaking new ground.

Michael Schiefel is an exception, not only in the German jazz scene but also on stage. In his solo performances, he is an entertainer who is not afraid to make serious art and to smile while doing so.
As a singer, he experiments with his distinctive bright and sometimes smoky voice with electronic loop devices, so that he ends up singing in a choir made up solely of himself.

Born in 1970 in Münster, Michael Schiefel moved to Berlin in the early nineties to immerse himself in the local jazz scene.

He graduated from the University of the Arts. Since 2001 he is professor of jazz singing at the Weimar Academy of Music.

His first solo album “Invisible Loop” earned much praise from audiences and the press in 1997. He has launched tours through Europe, the US, Africa and the Middle East. Michael Schiefel traveled to Vietnam for a performance with the jazz ensemble Thärichens Tentett in 2010.


Compiled by Kim Khanh

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