Guinness Record Holder Eran Katz to meet Vietnamese audiences

The Israeli best-selling author, entertaining speaker and seminar leader on memory and intelligence, Eran Katz will travel to Vietnam for meetings in Hanoi, HCM City and Vinh Phuc Northern Province on March 28-31.

He will talk about brain power, memory stunts and the secret of Jewish Noble prize winners.

The mind-hacking show titled “"Meeting with mind hacking author Eran Katz - secret of a super memory” will also focus on how to remember names and faces by using the Napoleon method, the JFK technique and the Angel’s face system, and hoe the remarkable system of Gematria boost the ability to recall dates, events, financial data and long digit numbers.

Eran Katz is the best-selling international author of “Secrets of a Super Memory”, “Jerome Becomes a Genius”, “Where did Noah Park the Ark” and “Five Gifts for the Mind”

He is also the Israeli Guinness Book of Records Holder for Best Memory Stunt where he recited 500 numbers forward and backwards after hearing them only once.

It is the third time that memory master Eran Katz comes to visit Vietnam.


By Thanh Son – Translated by Kim Khanh

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