Hanoi hosts exhibition on Women and Manga

An exhibition titled ‘Women & Manga: Connecting with Cultures beyond Japan’ is being held at the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Hanoi from March 21 to April 15.
The event is being organised by the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, Women’s MANGA Research Project, and the “Asianbeat” programme of Fukuoka Prefectural Government in cooperation with Shojo Manga Power Project.

Manga, a kind of Japanese comic, has attracted worldwide attention. Particularly, shōjo manga or the girl comic form has developed for more than a half century and inspired women.

The exhibition will present to viewers manga works created by women for women, and explore the potential of manga culture beyond Japan.

The event also includes a workshop by manga artists, and an international conference by scholars on comics from different countries.

At the international conference, distinguished scholars and experts on comics will provide academic research topics on comics and manga with Vietnamese interpretations. Studying comics is quite new and this is the first conference in Vietnam solely dedicated to comic studies. The conference will be held at Vietnam Women’s Museum from March 23-25.

Most of the exhibits in the display are artworks of two leading Japanese comics’ artists: Hideko Mizuno and Moto Hagio. Mizuno is one of the most celebrated shōjo manga pioneers who drew sparkling stars in character’s eyes, while Hagio is often called “god of shōjo manga” with numerous awards.

There is also a special section to display the artworks of Mutsumi Hagiiwa and FSc (Singaporean), who have arrived in Hanoi for their workshops and talks on March 21 at the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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