Hanoi hosts Vietnam International Finger-Style Guitar Festival 2015

Vietnam International Finger-Style Guitar Festival 2015 (Vietnam IFSGF 2015) will take place at the Youth Theater in Hanoi on July 17.

The event attracts famous guitarists from many countries nationwide, including Huang Chia-Wei of Taiwan (China), Agustin Amigo of Spain, Andy Ngew of Malaysia, Masa Sumideof Japan,  Jacques Stotzem of Belgium, Paddy Sun of China.

Among those, Paddy Sun from China is a phenomenon in Vietnam. He is the artist that has the most influence to the growth of this new guitar genre in Vietnam and is well known by the majority of music lovers thanks to his hit “Sunflower” released in 2009.

Agustin Amigo has a strong passion for finger style guitar. He owns a studio and makes high quality records by himself. His creative use of partial capo has become a special feature of him. This makes his melodies clearer and his tone more unique. Agustin frequently performs in different music festivals around the world and his performances are always highly appreciated.

Andy Ngew’s music is a lot like his personality, warm and generous. He learned classical when he was small, but later on he discovered finger style and it became his passion. Andy joined many finger style competitions to improve himself and he won many awards from them, such as Tommy Emmanuel’s, Adam Rafferty’s, and Sungha Jung’s competitions.

Masa Sumide, Japan’s premier solo guitarist is often called “King of Groovy Music”. His music is full of beats and rhythm. It will make you want to dance all the time.
 Jacques Stotzem’s style is a blend of romantic and acoustic rock songs. In his performances, he plays his own compositions as well as many rock rearrangements of Jimi Hendrix, U2 or Rory Gallagher.

The concert is an impressive cultural exchange event where a whole spectrum of colorful emotions will be assembled. This is a rare opportunity for the Vietnamese audiences to enjoy the special of international finger-style guitar.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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