Hanoi puts ceiling on wedding guests, excess expenditure

A draft directive was issued on September 30 by the Party Committee in Hanoi stipulating that all city officials and party members will have a ceiling of only 300 guests, equivalent to 50 tables, at any of their wedding functions.

They will also not be allowed to organize weddings at five-star hotels or luxury resorts, to curb unnecessary and wasteful expenditure.

The Party Standing Committee has also called for party cells, local governments and social organizations to implement tasks such as promoting communication and mobilization of officials and Party members to adopt a cultural lifestyle, especially in holding weddings.

Officials and party members, leaders and managers at all levels must set examples in organizing wedding of relatives and family members in a healthy, formal and economically viable way. 

To avoid excessive luxury at weddings, the number of guests must not exceed 300 people, equivalent to 50 dining tables. Also, officials and Party members will not be allowed to organize weddings too many times and for many consecutive days and at 5-star hotels or luxury resorts.

Hanoi Party Committee officials said that each official must be self-aware of their responsibility at a wedding.

Party Secretary Pham Quang Nghi said that Ha Dong District has limited the number of guests to 40 tables while the specified maximum number was 50 tables, which was reasonable. “Weddings must to be held in ordinary places, in accordance with the general income level of people,” he said.

Hanoi Party Committee Secretary also said that people will monitor the implementation of the directive and the City need not set up a special committee to count the number of people at a wedding.

In addition, the Hanoi Party Standing Committee also called on party members, officials of the central government based in the capital to adopt civilized and economic regulations at weddings.

translated by MT

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