Hanoi to host ‘Europe-Vietnam Documentary Film Festival’

The ‘Europe-Vietnam Documentary Film Festival’ will be held in Hanoi and Da Nang City in June 2012.

The event is being organised by the Documentary and Scientific Central Studio and the European Union National Institute for Culture (EUNIC).

The organisers expect to receive works from young Vietnamese filmmakers. Their documentary films will be selected as an introduction in the event.

The festival will present to audiences films like “Vinyl” (Austria), “Robot’s Love Story” (Denmark), “Dans Tes Yeux” (France), “First Lesson” (Poland),and “Maria and Me” (Spain).

This is the 4th time the Central Studio for Documentary and Scientific Films in collaboration with 10 cultural agencies and embassies of the European Union will organise the festival.

By B.N – Translated by Kim Khanh

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