Harsh penalty for fashion show host, models

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will apply the harshest penalty and ultimate sanctions on the Venus Company, who hosted a fashion show called ‘Dem Hoi Chan Dai 7’ (the Long-Legged Festival), said Vo Trong Nam, deputy head of the department.

Fashion models of the show also receive fines

The fashion show sparked criticism from the public at the very start after the invitation was released on the Internet with pictures of semi-nude male and female models.

Although the culture department had sent a warning to the organizer, the Venus Company disregarded these warnings and continued wrongdoings intentionally.

Trong Nam said the invitation violated regulations as it had the logo of a brandy brand and showed gross indecency as it featured an underwear show which wasn’t included when the program contents were submitted to the department for approval. Some clothes of designer Minh Tu were also not included in the rehearsal.

One May 23, cultural inspectors called the organizer and models to the department to inform of their decision to fine; however, nobody turned up.

Pham Dinh Thang, deputy head of the Department of Performing Arts, said they are determined to impose harsh penalties on violations as per regulations, to correct cultural and fashion related activities in the country.


By Nhu Hoa - Translated by Anh Quan

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