HCMC hosts seminar on Ly dynasty

An international seminar titled ‘Prince Ly Long Tuong and Vietnamese-Korean relations from past to present’ took place at the HUFLIT university in Ho Chi Minh City on May 19.

The story of Prince Ly Long Tuong who left Vietnam for the Republic of Korea in the 13th century began to attract public attention in Vietnam in 1994.

At that time Ly Xuong Can, the 31st generation descendant of King Ly Thai To and a 26th generation descendant of Prince Ly Tong Tuong, returned to Vietnam for the first time and burnt incense in the Ly dynasty temple in Bac Ninh Province to commemorate his ancestors. 

Ly Xuong Can was later granted Vietnamese citizenship and now lives in Vietnam, working in investments in economic development as well as strengthening cultural exchanges and cooperative relations between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea.

According to available documents in Vietnam and the Republic of Korea, Prince Ly Long Tuong was of the sixth generation. He was born in 1174, the seventh son of King Ly Anh Tong. He reigned from 1138-1175 and was the brother of King Ly Cao Tong and the uncle of King Ly Hue Tong.

He grew up when the Ly dynasty was coming to an end, to be replaced by the Tran dynasty in 1226.

Thus, to avoid vengeance by the new dynasty, Prince Ly Long Tuong had made his escape by boat with several hundred followers and headed north to the Republic of Korea.

The Ly family included many outstanding personalities in Korea.

The Prince himself became a general, serving the Korean King and helped him successfully fight two Mongol invasions.

The seminar enabled academics and students to understand more about this link from the distant past between the two countries, which are geographically quite far apart from each other, but have had turbulent histories.

Source SGGP, Translated by Dan

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