Highland Folk Artist Passes Away

Folk artisan Dieu Kau of M’Nong ethnic group passed away on Aug. 28 in Dac Song District, Dak Nong Province at the age of 74.

Artisan Dieu Kau

Mr. Kau is one of the most famous artisans in the Central Highlands. He has made an outstanding contribution in preserving and promoting traditional cultural values of M’Nong ethnic group.

Mr. Kau translated 75 epics, 15 legends and many books of M’Nong into Vietnamese.

He has also collected and composed over 15,000 pages of other material, including songs, proverbs and customary laws; a M'Nong-Vietnamese dictionary; and M'Nong educational texts to maintain and develop M'Nong cultural and moral values.

He also works as an artistic adviser for Voice of Viet Nam (VOV radio). He was awarded the title of “Folk artisan” by the national government.

By X.Than – Translated by Kim Khanh

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