Lanh Giang Temple Festival named national intangible heritage

The Department of National Cultural Heritage handed over the certificate recognizing Lanh Giang Temple Festival in the northern province of Ha Nam as  the national intangible cultural heritage.
Lanh Giang Temple, also known as Lanh Giang Linh Tu located at Yen Lac hamlet, Duy Tien district’s Moc Nam Ward.

The temple is dedicated three generals under the reign of King Hung XVIII, Princess Tien Dung who is a daughter of the King Hung III and her husband Chu Dong Tu, one of the four immortals in traditional mythology of Vietnam.

Lanh Giang Temple was recognized as the national heritage by the Ministry of Culture and Information (now the Culture, Sports and Tourism) in 1996.

The festival is celebrated twice a year, in the sixth lunar month (from 18th  to 25th) and the eighth lunar month (on 20th ). It is a special time for people to express their desire for good weather and wish to conquer the nature.

By NGOC NAM – Translated by Kim Khanh

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