Laser light show to take place in Vietnam Fine Arts Museums

A spectacular lighting and music performance on the Vietnam Fine Arts Museums in Hanoi will take place on November 13-14.

The light designers from the artist group The Core from Berlin will use a special software to project colors, abstract patterns and shapes onto the front of the museum, making the building part of their production. The well-known DJ Tri Minh will cater for the right atmosphere with some electronic music.

The Core consists of media experts and light designers Rick Kay, Chris Noelle and Jörg Reinauer, who focus on visual installations. After having worked together on space and club design concepts for the legendary Berlin club, Tresor for a long time, they decided to concentrate their knowledge and their visions in one joint team. Throughout the past two decades, The Core successfully developed projection and light design concepts with the goal of redefining urban space through individuality and industrial style.

Tri Minh started his career as an artist in the early 1990s, as one of the initiators of Hanoi’s first jazz band. Towards the end of the 90s he started to experiment with electronic music and has since performed internationally as DJ and solo artist. He has several performances, from small concerts to large DJ dance performances.

By Kim Khanh

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