Malaysian, Vietnamese female artists present art works in Hanoi

A contemporary art exhibition titled “Destination IV – Sprouting”, featuring art works by 4 female artists of Malaysia and 5 Vietnamese will take place at Hanoi Old Quarter cultural exchanges Center from August 26 to September 3.

An art work by Christine Das

Malaysian artists include Christine Das, Kok Lee Fong, Lisa Foo, and Yante Ismail. Local artists are Hien Nguyen, Doan Thi Thu Huong, Nguyen Thu Huong, Vu Bach Lien and Ngo Hai Yen.

All of them have become remarkable artists in their countries, trying to make the new series for the first – ever female exhibition of Malaysia and Vietnam.

The Malaysian artists focus on the topics which are seemingly outside individuals each but actually very intimate to everyone, to all the human beings: climate change, Mother Nature, feminism and the empowerment of women in a society in which many gender stereotypes exist. Thereby, they express their own feelings and living attitudes, though how strong they are but still remain in their minds and hearts the natural femininity, love of beauty and humanity. Viewers also have the opportunity to learn about diverse forms of Malaysian visual art through this exhibition: from graphics to painting, sculpture and installation art.

The Vietnamese artists in this exhibition, incidentally, are all devoted to painting materials with Eastern traditions like silk , lacquer and graphics. The art themes in their works have been inspired by their individual stories, inner feelings and hidden psychological issues but through which somewhat greater issues of the social life are reflected.

An art work by Vu Bach Lien

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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