More than 2,000 valuable works of late professor of Linguistics presented

The Vietnam center for Heritage of Scientists and Scholars in Hanoi on November 9 received more than 2,000 valuable items from the family of the late Professor Hoang Phe, first president of the Vietnam Association of Linguists.

Professor Hoang Phe

Professor Hoang Phe

The objects include his notebooks on the building and training of officials in the books of Russian and Han language books and among others.
The event also marks the 100th birthday of the professor. Professor Hoang Phe was born in 1919 in the central coastal city of Quang Nam. He made great contribution to the building and development of Vietnam’s linguistics. He is chief author of the Vietnamese Dictionary published in 1988 by the Institute of Linguistics. The scholar died in 2005.
The Vietnam center for Heritage of Scientists and Scholars is a multipurpose organ that is both museum and library, as it fulfills the functions of storing and researching. Up to now, the center has researched and collected thousands of heritage elements from scientists in different forms such as: paper documents, audiovisual documents, block objects, and scientists’ memoires.

By MAI AN - Translated by Kim Khanh

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