Multi-media dance performance to be held in HCMC

A multi-media dance performance featuring Japanese and Vietnamese dancers will be held at the Le Thanh Theatre in District 5 in Ho Chi Minh City on September 15-16.

Visual artist Keisuke Takahashi, choreographer Mikuni Yanaihara from Japan and contemporary artist Tiffany Chung of Vietnam will present to audiences two pieces titled “A flower” and “Chronicles of a soundless dream” exploring the concept of human struggle, endurance, life and death.

Tiffany Chung’s works usually focus on human struggle and reflect human loneliness, struggle and endurance when society drastically transforms itself. “Chronicles of a soundless dream” inspired by the complexity of Japan’s modern history will tell of attempts to examine modern society against its historical backdrops and cultural memories.

Meanwhile “A flower” is an ongoing preoccupation after the natural disaster of March 11 in Japan. People are still struggling with the loss of relatives, serious issues of energy and nuclear power plants.

The multi-media dance project is their second collaboration and presented to Vietnamese audience for the first time.

The artists cooperated with each other in the “Flying Circus” project organized by Theatre Works Singapore in 2007. They had a similar insight and exchanged ideas to set up potential collaborative projects. Their first exhibition and performance entitled Fukawaga Shokudo, was supported by Art Matters New York and Fukagawa Tokyo Modan Kan Gallery, organized in early 2011.

The dance show is being organized by the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, in cooperation with Arabesque Dance Company.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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