Painting Exhibition Marks Teachers’ Day

An exhibition of painters from three generations themed “Walk Together” will open at the HCMC Exhibition House on November 14, in a tribute to teachers all over the country.
Ms Tam and her painting entitled Lotus (Photo: TT)
The exhibition, which commemorates the National Teacher’s Day that falls on November 20, will remain open until November 23.
The exhibition was inspired and launched by one of the most popular Vietnamese silk painters, Nguyen Thi Tam.
Tam said that her group had planned to hold the exhibition last year but it did not work well until this year. “The 100 paintings displayed here are the result of various camping trips during last year,” she said.
The eight painters, led by Tam, chose the address of her house for their group name, 5P. The other members are Tam’s students, Ngoc Diep, Thuy Linh, Huong Giang, Nhu Khoi, Phi Long, Huy Hoang and Tan Thanh. Among them, only four are professional painters, and the remaining are amateurs with a passion for the art.
Thuy Linh, an assistant at the German Consulate, said: “Every weekend we all gather together at Ms. Tam’s house to share with her our difficulties in painting and in creating ideas. There are some paintings we have drawn many times before but until now we not yet finished since every time we asked for some advice from our teacher, we got another idea.  
A painting displayed in the exhibition reminds viewers of a small peaceful village (Photo: T.Linh)

The youngest student, Tan Thanh, said: “I totally adore my teacher and her teaching method. She never forces us to follow her creative and ideas but just advises us to follow our hearts. And for each student, she has each different ways to lead us to express our feeling and improve talents. I hope that my paintings displayed here are the best gifts from me to my honorable teacher.” 
“Our works mostly focus on the ordinary life of our people and the beauty of the country and people. You can find some similar scenes here, from the village pathways in the central provinces or the small fishing-boats sailing peacefully, to the beauty of the Mekong Delta or the ordinary life of workers. I always encourage my students to focus on many things around us and record it in their work.

By Linh Lang – Translated by Truong Son

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