Performance commemorates anniversary of Trinh Cong Son

In memory of the eighth anniversary of Trinh Cong Son’s death, singer Anh Tuyet will perform in a show to commemorate the first epic by the late musician and composer about love and the human condition, the ‘Sand-crab’s Singing’ on April 1, at Hoa Binh Theatre, HCMC.

Trinh Cong Son composer

Sand-crab’s Singing was written in the early of 1960s when Son’s family faced many difficulties. He wrote this work after reading a book by the Nobel laureate and philosopher Albert Camus.
This work includes 13 short pieces, featuring Son’s musical lifestyle. The musician’s confidence and sadness in this epic was repeated again in his follow-up songs.

The song was lost for a while. The researcher Nguyen Dac Xuan found it with the assistance of many friends who had been in performances of San-crab’s Singing during 1962-1964 and who studied at the Quy Nhon Teacher Training College with Son.

Mr Xuan recovered the lost work from one of Son’s classmates, Nguyen Ho.

“The song that he wrote in a difficult period of his life may cause listeners to misunderstand Son as a pessimistic man. Perhaps it is the reason that Son did not want to mention this work. But his friends and his fans still want to understand his life to remember him forever,” said Mr Xuan.

After composing the epic of San-crab’s Singing, Son and his orchestra performed at the Vietnamese 1st Music Festival in 1964, Mr Xuan added.

Anh Tuyet singer who is famous for prewar songs

According to Ms Tuyet, the show aims to show their respect for Son’s songs and music.

The specialty of Son's songs as unique can be attributed to the Id. The ‘self’ exists in all themes. The clearest presence of self are in the songs about status, metempsychosis incarnation, Ms Tuyet added.

The stage will be decorated in white and set in a forest of candles. Many people mention the color of Buddhism and existentialism philosophy in Son’s lyrics.

This is not the first time that Son’s epic has been performed but it will be the first time the song comes to the big stage at the Hoa Binh Theatre.
Ms Tuyet has sung the song many times but whenever she read its lyrics, which contains the talented musician’s confidence, and each time she sings it, “I cannot hold my tears,” a fan said.
She will sing this song with support from the ATB band. The singer plans to build Sand-crab’s Singing as an opera in the future.

During these difficult economic times, Ms Tuyet was not afraid of investing VND500 million to produce the show, she has worked with much passion in the art. And she believes in people’s abilities, their love for songs and love in general.

Anh Tuyet, well-known in Vietnam for her silky voice, was born in 1961 in Hoi An

After arriving in HCM City in her late 20s, she made the decision to choose songs and a performing style that suited her voice.

The singer closed her concerts by performing Van Cao's Thien Thai (Paradise), one of the composer's most famous ballads.

The show, Cat Bui (Ashes and Dust), will be held on April 1, at the Hoa Binh Theatre, HCM City

On stage will be Anh Tuyet, the ATB band, Nguyen Thao, Duc Tuan, Xuan Phu, Quynh Lan, My Dung, Phi Thuy Hanh, Minh Thao and Thuy Long.

The special show named “Cat Bui” (Ashes and Dust) will be held on the anniversary of Trinh Cong Son’s death, April 1, at the Hoa Binh Theatre, HCM City, with Anh Tuyet, the ATB band, Nguyen Thao, Duc Tuan, Xuan Phu, Quynh Lan, My Dung, Phi Thuy Hanh, Minh Thao and Thuy Long.

Tickets are priced from VND 100,000 to VND 500,000 at Hoa Binh Opera, February 3 Street, 10 District.

By Thuy Binh – Translated by Thanh Huong

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