Photo contest raises awareness of civilized lifestyle

An award ceremony of a photo competition on Hanoians daily behaviors was held in Hanoi on October 31 by the Ha Noi Moi (New Hanoi) Newspaper and the municipal Department of Culture and Information.

The picture “Civilization- Politeness” by Tran Thanh Hai

The picture “Civilization- Politeness” by Tran Thanh Hai

Two first prizes went to Thai Ba Hoat for the photo titled “Rules-Responsibility- Conscientious- Hospitality”, and Tran Thanh Hai for the picture “Civilization- Politeness”.
The organization board selected 70 photos and collections for an exhibition which will be opened for the public in walking street.
Launched 5 months ago, the contest received nearly 1,000 submissions of more than 90 authors. Artworks showing people's daily bad and good behaviors in the capital, and also aim to raise awareness among people of building good lifestyle.
Gần 1000 ảnh dự thi “Người Hà Nội ứng xử văn minh, thanh lịch 2017" ảnh 2                            The 2nd winning-prize photo "Flower in daily life"

By MAI AN – Translated by Kim Khanh

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