Photo exhibition highlights life in cities around the world

A photo exhibition titled ‘The City-Becoming and Decaying’ featuring 176 photos of cities around the world is being held at the Museum of Fine Arts and Goethe-Institute in Hanoi.

Exhibits cover 22 cities around the world taken by photographers of OSTKREUZ, the most renowned German photo agency.

A city is the origin of civilization, melting pot of cultures, mentalities, religions and ideas. Each day almost 200,000 people around the world are moving from the countryside to the urban city, looking for a better life, security, freedom and prosperity. The city offers great chances, but also great risks, such as poverty, crime and loneliness as well as blatant contrasts, in many megacities today. However, the city is the future of the world, the place which determines how people will henceforth live.

18 photographers embarked on a journey to explore urban realities of today--how people are living in Tokyo and Manila, Lagos and Las Vegas, Berlin, Minsk and Gaza. They have conveyed their personal impressions of realities of overall 22 cities around the globe into photographic essays. Cities are shown as places of future hope, but also as places which seem to perish under waste and chaos. All pictures as a whole present cities of the future.

In addition, photographers Jörg Brüggemann and Ute Mahler will give a lecture on ‘OSTKREUZ and the new Photography in Germany. Perspectives and Tendencies’ and hold a workshop themed ‘Portrait-Staging and Observation: Humankind in its Environment’ at the Goethe-Institute in Hanoi on August 30, and September 3-7.

OSTKREUZ photo agency was founded after the end of the GDR in East Berlin following the example of Magnum with the most important contemporary German photographers. ‘The City-Becoming and Decaying’, which is on an international tour since 2010, aims to mark the 20th anniversary of OSTKREUZ.

The exhibition will run until September 14.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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