Photo exhibitions opened in HCMC

The Ho Chi Minh City's Festival Organization Board opened a photo exhibition under title of “Ho Chi Minh City- Heroic city” at Nguyen Hue Walking Street yesterday morning, marking the 105th anniversary of Uncle Ho's departure abroad to seek ways to save the country (June 5th, 1911- 2016) and the 126th anniversary of his birthday (May 19th, 1890- 2016).

The exhibition (photo) showcased more than 220 photos with two themes of “Late President Ho Chi Minh with a journey of the era” and “The city was named President Ho Chi Minh- Heroic city”.

They highlight the revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh in abroad and his returning the country to win national independence and opening up a new era in Vietnamese history but also praise the nation's heroic tradition and following teachings of Uncle Ho, the Party, government and people for the city protection, building and development in the fields of economy, culture, society, foreign affairs, political security.

At that time, another photo exhibition of “Ho Chi Minh City- Development and Irrigation” also has taken place on Dong Khoi Street in district 1.

The exhibition introduces the city’s renovation and development via major constructions, modern urban stations and environmental landscapes.

By Hoang Van- Translated by Huyen Huong

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