Photo Shoot of Miss Universe Contestants at the Gift Auction

Eighty contestants from the Miss Universe 2008 joined the Gift Auction yesterday evening at the Sheraton Hotel. They not only brought their gifts for auction to support the Nguyen Thai Binh Scholarship Fund for the disadvantaged students but also showed their serious attentions to the welfare of society

Miss Angola and Miss Argentina show their souvenirs to the guests (Photo: Truong Son)

Miss Costa Rica and her gift (Photo: Truong Son)

Miss Egypt brings a traditional souvenir from her country (Photo: Truong Son)

Miss France looks so glamorous with her Eiffel Tower (Photo: Truong Son)

Miss Peru brings a handmade pot to the auction (Photo: Truong Son)

Miss Viet Nam always appears with her warm and friendly smile (Photo: Truong Son)

By Truong Son

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