Saigon Love Story Presents in APAFF 2006

Saigon Love Story was honorably chosen to open a part of APAFF 2006, the annual Asian Pacific American Films Festival.

Saigon Love Story started the series of Vietnamese-American talent young directors’ films. The film gives a new look at Viet Nam, not as it is, but through the new and young view of a 27-year-old director, who was brave enough to come back to his country to have the film made, despite much difficulty in technology and means.

Director Ringo Le completed the script in 2001. After much revision, he led his team back to Viet Nam and finished his first film in 2005.

The movie is set in an alternate history of the 1980s, a romantic love story between the couple: Danh (Hua Vy Van) and Tam (Ngo Thanh Van).

Directed by: Ringo Le

Produced by: Tammy Le

Starring: Ngo Thanh Van, Hua Vy Van, Chanh Tin, Kim Xuan, Duc Tien

Distributed by: Celluloid Dragon Pictures



Source TN- Translated by Kim Khanh

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