Science books becoming increasingly attractive in Vietnamese market

Often considered boring, science books in Vietnam lately have been more welcomed by all readers thanks to being able to meet their demands.

Dr. Giap Van Duong signed his books for readers in the launch of the series ‘Discussions of Science 4.0’

Dr. Giap Van Duong signed his books for readers in the launch of the series ‘Discussions of Science 4.0’

Interesting science books

To better introduce scientific knowledge to the public, 10 years ago, Tre Publishing House formed the series of ‘Science and Exploration’, directed by 3 scientists of Pham Van Thieu, Nguyen Van Lieu, and Vu Cong lap. Until now, it has released 35 titles , some of which have become well-known like ‘A Brief History of Time’, or ‘The Shallows – What Internet is Doing to Our Brain?’ 

What is more, many titles in the series such as ‘The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography’ of Simon Singh and translated by Pham Van Thieu – Pham Thu Hang or ‘L’infini dans la paume de la main – the Infinity in the Palm’ of Matthieu Ricard and translated by Trinh Xuan Thuan – Pham Van Thieu – Ngo Vu, have been reprinted several times

One of the successes of this series is that it is able to nearly introduce the full collection written or translated by physicist cum astronomer Trinh Xuan Thuan, one of the leading scientists in the world regarding researching on galaxy forming. Most works of this author are rich in literature yet still capable of smartly transferring necessary scientific knowledge, which makes them more approachable.

Besides the above famous series, many books from other publishers also leave good impression among readers like ‘Sapiens- a Brief History of Humankind’, ‘On the Origin of Species’ of Tri Thuc Publishing House, ‘Homo Deus – a Brief History of Future’, ‘The Universe’ of .The Gioi Publishing House, or the award-winner ‘Stem Cell: an Insider’s Guide’ of Dan Tri Publishing House.

According to Dr. Giap Van Duong, author of the series ‘Discussions of Science 4.0’ as Vietnam needs science and technology to develop its industry and manufacturing.

Science books especially for children

Many publishers whole-heartedly invest into science books for children since it has become a lucrative market.

Lately, Kim Dong Publishing House introduced its STEM series, a collection of high-quality science books for the age of 9+. Despite being one of the main strengths of this publisher, science books are not normally paid attention to like manga or children story books. However, recently, this product line has been better exploited to aim at young science lovers. 

According to Ms. Hoang Thanh Thuy, Head of the Department for Science Book of Kim Dong Publishing House, STEM has raised much interest lately thanks to the swift change of science and technology in the world. Therefore, parents and children in Vietnam increasingly seek books of this field, hence her confidence that this product line will have a stable position in the market.

Dinh Ti Publishing House also introduced many dictionaries of renowned Usborne Publishing House from England, including series of knowledge, exploration, and creative ideas for children like the Big Book series for the age of 5+, Lift the Flap for the 3+, What’s happening to me? For the 10+, or other handmade books and scientific experiments

Since 2008, Tre Publishing House has released 400 titles of science, 85 of which are for adults and the middle-aged, while the rest is for children and teenagers.

Dong A Books also has many well-known encyclopedia like ‘Encyclopedia for Children’, ‘Why? How?’, ‘Picture Encyclopedia for Children’, ‘Encyclopedia of World History’, ‘Atlas of Human Anatomy’, which are best sellers.

By HO SON – Translated by Yen Nhi

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