Seeking ways to support young artists on their career path

Last year, the HCM City's theater industry gained outstanding achievements with numerous performances of cai luong (reformed opera), kich noi (drama), hat boi (classic drama) attracting a large number of devotees in the country’s southern hub and its neighboring provinces. It is a motivation which helps stages maintain their operation. However artists, especially young actors are facing more challenges.

(Photo: SGGP)

(Photo: SGGP)

Beside veteran artists who still have a passion for the stage, there are young actors and actresses that have been making significant contribution to the development of the traditional art.
The Hong Van Drama Theater is one of the stages that gain success in training the young generation with emerging artists namely Xuan Nghi, Lac Hoang Long, Tien Dung, Le Loc, Dinh Manh Phuc and among others.
The Youth World Theater helps young names develop their own performing styles, such as Quang Tuan, Dieu Nhi, Puka, Hoang Phi, Diem Phuong, Kha Nhu, Phuong Lan.
While Hoang Thai Thanh Drama Stage has contributed to bringing young artists closer to the audience, including Hoang Van Anh, Quoc Thinh, Thanh Tuan, Doan Thanh Tai, Cong Danh, Ngoc Duyen, Ngoc Tuong, Thai Quoc.
The Idecaf Theater has been successfully in educating talented artists, consisting of Le Khanh, Dinh Toan, Quoc Tuan, Tuan Khoi, Duong Cuong.
The 5B Theater presents many significant plays starring Le Vinh, Thai Kim Tung, Hong Dao, Thanh Thuy, Le Hoang Giang.
Although facing difficulties, the cai luong stages see generations of well-known artists, such as Meritorious Artists Trong Phuc, Le Tu, Tan Giao, Le Trung Thao, Tu Suong, Que Tran, My Hang, Le Hong Tham, Quynh Huong; and Trinh Trinh, Vo Minh Lam.
The classic drama sector has rarely seen people who purses the traditional career path but also having a few of capable artists, namely Thanh Binh, Bao Chau, Kieu My, Anh Thi, Ngoc Giau, Minh Khuong.
Due to the shortage of infrastructures, quality scripts, financial difficulties, the quality of the performances is limited to meet the demand of theatre-goers.
Additionally, the boom of TV reality shows and game shows lure many young artists. They don’t have enough time to train and practice to develop their career.
Meanwhile the stage always asks artists to have a passion for performing art and spend a lot time for a hard practice to achieve experience to get best roles of the performances, said director of Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater, Huynh Anh Tuan.
Artists who have good practice and play multiple roles in the process of making their work can express their various feelings and emotions despite theaters in any periods and situations.
Besides efforts of socialized theaters, State-owned and private art troupes in maintaining operation, the municipal authorities’ management in the cultural sector needs to focus on interesting in the theater area to help stages ‘activities and support young artists improve the income to pursue their career.

By Thuy Binh – Translated by Kim Khanh

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