Selection of Book Titles Republished to Mark 50th Anniversary of Education Publisher

Founded in 1957, the Education Publisher has published thousands of educational material including textbooks, maps, pictures, DVD's and e-books. To mark the 50th anniversary of its establishment, the publisher has recently republished a special selection of reference books to serve the research and study needs of scholars, teachers, students and pupils nationwide.

Among the hundreds of reference books published since 2005, the publisher has selected 50 titles for republication. These reference books contain the most updated and reliable data and information on various fields including science, politics, culture and education.

The aim of these publications is to improve the quality of education and raise the intellectual standards of the people of the country.

The Dictionary on Vietnamese Cultural Objects

Various kinds of dictionaries have been republished. They are specialized, picture and encyclopedia dictionaries in Vietnamese, English and other popular languages. Included in the collection are a “Dictionary on Literature Works”, a “Nom (an ancient ideographic script that represents Vietnamese speech) Dictionary” and a “Dictionary on Vietnamese Cultural Objects.”

Apart from these republished dictionaries, the combination of works in this collection of books has made it a cultural specialty of Vietnam.

The collection contains books relating to studies on international and Vietnamese cultures. Works such as the “Annals of Vietnamese Culture” and “Studies on the Culture and Language” by Dao Duy Anh and “The Essence of Oriental Culture” by Dang Duc Sieu are included.

These particular works are viewed as having made significant contributions to the preservation and development of Vietnamese culture and national characters.

In the scientific and technological field, the works of some prominent Vietnamese scientists have been selected for republication. Incorporated are the works of Prof. Ta Quang Buu, a mathematician and founder of the Vietnam Physics Association, which has successfully mapped out a distinct direction for national scientific development.

Also in the collection are the complete works of Nguyen Van Huyen, a widely-known professor, historian and ethnologist of Viet Nam. These works have been published in numerous famous scientific magazines throughout the world.

Distinguished from the republished book titles there are a collection on Vietnamese history written by the Imperial court, a Vietnamese epic poem “Truyen Kieu” (The tale of Kieu) written by Nguyen Du (1765-1820), celebrated Vietnamese poet, a collection of “Ho Chi Minh’s Four- line Poems” and a “Greek Epics”.

Notably, some of the books in the republished collection have had the honor of receiving awards from the Vietnam Publication Association like “Nom and Sino Ideogram Dictionary”, “Uncle Ho and Education” and “Families of Vietnamese Ethic Minorities”.

The publisher has also released a list of authors of the Education Publisher from 1957 to 2007 in two volumes. It records the thousands of writers and authors whose works have been published by the Education Publisher over the last five decades. Over the 50 years there has been a total of 4,697 works published by the Education Publisher.

At the ceremony to mark the publiser's  50th anniversary, President Nguyen Minh Triet bestowed a Ho Chi Minh medal to the publisher to honor its achievements and contribution to the national education.

The Education Publisher deserves to be called “A reliable fellow-traveler to scholars, teachers, students and pupils” over the last five decades. 

By Ha Thu – Translated by Phuong Lan

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