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“Ever since I was a child, music has been my main source of entertainment. People always reckoned I had an aptitude for singing and now, at the urging of my friends, I’ve released an album on the internet,” says 20-year-old student Tu Trung (also known as Koolcheng).

Tra Mi, one of the singers on the internet.

The album of popular ballads as well as several love songs penned by Koolcheng himself can be downloaded for free from the singer’s blog (personal online diary).

“I am not a student at a music school, but that’s not important as I only want to satisfy my passion for singing,” Koolcheng said.

A popular singer on the internet these days is Tra Mi, who attends Phan Boi Chau High School in Vinh, Nghe An Province. She can be found at

Owning a pretty face and a strong voice, Tra Mi scored a prize in a music contest organized by the biggest music forum in Viet Nam,

“I take part in the e-singers forum because I want to share my enthusiasm and because I’ve always wanted to sing with people of my age”, Tra Mi explained. She hopes to turn professional one day.

Thuy Chi, who studies piano at the Ha Noi Music Conservatory, took part in a song competition run by Viet Nam Television and is starting to attract a wider audience, especially of fellow musicians.

These musicians on the net get a real kick out of having their work popularized in this way, and they get plenty of feedback from the listeners too, which no doubt helps.

There is a downside to it though. For example, Thuy Chi said that her recordings were really only souvenirs and was upset when they were posted on the internet too hastily. “They were not perfect, not at that stage,” she complained.

Copyright disputes have also surfaced. Take the case of Nguyen Thuy Hang, or Lil’ Kani, a student in Ha Noi and member of the daRapClub forum, who posted her song “Love is Over” on the internet.

Soon after, she was dismayed to learn that someone had sold the exclusive rights to her song to some band. Of course, there’s no real way she can prove she was the author of the song, so there will be no royalties coming her way, not even recognition beyond her circle of friends and online acquaintances.

In a world of thieves, what artists like Hang need to do is take out some copyright protection before they publish their original work.

Source TT – Translated by Kim Khanh

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