“Sky Light” Movement Appears in Ha Noi

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, several flying objects called “sky lights” were seen in the sky above Ha Noi. This form of folk art has been experiencing a revival among young people, and is attracting hundreds of residents.

The act of releasing lanterns into the night sky was previously thought of as a purely traditional act, and was organized just once a year in some villages of Hai Phong, Ha Tay, and Thai Binh provinces.

However, last year, football fans in Ha Noi City went to Vinh Bao District of Hai Phong Province to buy lights to release into the air of My Dinh Stadium to encourage their favorite team. This was a new setting for this interesting tradition.

More and more people have become fascinated by these strange and lovely lights, sparkling in the sky.

The most attractive feature of this practice is the belief that each light carries a wish.  Seeing so many hopes in the sky improves the morale of the players.

Now on many special occasions like in Mid Autumn Festival, International Children’s Day, and even important football matches, several young people gather to release their lights with wishes into the air, creating a spectacular night sky.

In memory of the Can Tho Bridge collapse, the residents of Ha Noi City released lanterns to pray for the accident victims.

This lantern revival is now being discussed by thousands of chatters and bloggers on the Internet as a possible future festival.

By Phuc Hau – Translated by Xuan Huong

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