Song “A Child” Performed for Charitable Work

The song “A child”, written by Minh Khang, becomes a hot topic among music-lovers two months after its release. This song became even more popular especially when it was officially posted on music websites and won the attention of many people.

“A child” was a dominant topic of discussion on usic forums. Moving to tears is the main feeling of listeners and chatters.

The image of a shoe shiner walking in the rain without coat that Khang saw one night made him toss and turn all night.

When the lyrics of the song were finished, he cried when he first sang it.

Then, the song came to listeners in a single album with the voice of 60 people including singers, actors and even a football player. They wholeheartedly loved to sing this song.

Being an orphan himself, Khang said that he would do all his best to help those unlucky children. He has decided that all the money collected from the disc sales at a performance on April 15 in Ha Noi will go to an orphan charity.

Source: NLD - Translated by Van Hanh

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